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Step 4 * see above

  • Customer completes the card processing details i.e. name/address/card details (make the address  auto look up/auto fill). Make them enter their email address for the confirmation twice as to avoid spelling errors, ensuring they receive the confirmation.
  • Receives their auto confirmation and invoice receipt.  Would be great to have an on screen personal message saying thank you for your booking. The Captain and Crew look forward to welcoming you aboard.
  • We get notification of booking (usually a copy of the booking confirmation the customer receives) sent to our inbox?
  • Approx. no. of men/women in the group
  • We then segment the booking for future use.

Step 3 (or include in Step 2 or in/after Step 4 * see below)

Need customer to specify:

  • Nature of booking: DROP DOWN LIST….Birthday, Hen Do, Stag Do, Work’s Party, Friends night
    out, other (please specify)
  • Age range
  • Dietary requirements (please specify if there are any vegetarians, gluten free, vegan, halal etc)
  • Approx. no. of men/women in the group
  • Option to set various promo codes and a place for customer to apply it

Step 2

Customer is given the options of ticking a box to:

  • *hold my places for 7 days (see above details required)
  • pay a deposit
  • pay in full
  • selects pay by card/paypal or bank transfer (need to state on this section that cards and paypal are subject to a 3.5% booking fee. Bank transfers do not incur a booking fee. Would then
    need to show our account details and instruct them to use the booking reference as the  payment reference.
    Or we can list the bank account details on the ‘auto confirmation’ after they
    complete the booking.
  • Option to set various promo codes and a place for customer to apply it

Step 1

Customer clicks on BOOK NOW

  • Selects date
  • Selects no. of tickets
  • Selects next