Coronavirus Policy - London Boat Party

CoVID-19 policy

COVID-19 Policy - updated as of 27/01/22

As of today, the UK Government has removed all restrictions. This means you do not need to show a Covid passport, nor wear a face covering in entertainment venues.  

We appreciate that people are eager to P.A.R.T.Y but we still all have a responsibility to do the right thing. The health and safety of all onboard is paramount. In line with Government guidance, we still ask that guests do not attend if they or someone in their party has tested positive, required to self-isolate or experiencing any COVID19 symptoms. Should any restrictions be brought back in, we will comply and up date this policy accordingly.

Complying with Government rules and guidance. By purchasing a ticket, you are agreeing to comply with any Government rules and guidance in place at time of departure. These may include but are not limited to, the wearing of face coverings, temperature checks, test and trace and covid passports. We reserve the right to refuse entry should you not cooperate. No refunds will be given in such circumstances. By purchasing a ticket, you also acknowledge that an inherent risk of exposure to covid-19 exists in any public place where people are present, and that you and those in your party voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to covid-19 and agree not to hold the Company; Thames Boat Cruises & Events Limited, their Directors, Employees, Officers, Agents or the Venue liable for any illness or injury.   Anyone attending a cruise acknowledges that they do so at their own risk. The Company has no liability towards any travel, accommodation or other costs incurred by you in connection to the booking.

Given we've all got used to restrictions changing with the tide, we appreciate you may still have some questions. Please read below.

What happens if a ticket holder has to isolate and cannot attend the cruise? If we have more than 72 hrs notice, with forbearance in mind, we will permit a postponement to a later date. You will hold a credit with us until you are ready to re-book. This is valid for up to 6 months (or longer if restrictions are brought back in. However, we will need proof of your test result/need for isolation, which you can obtain when registering your result/symptoms via the covid app.
If we have less than 72 hrs notice you will not be eligible for a refund or postponement. We appreciate that you may develop symptoms or be told to isolate within this time frame but we ask you to understand that we have external costs that we will encounter and are unlikely to be able to re-sell the ticket with such short notice. By your own accord, you can pass your ticket to somebody else (see below). In the instance that we have a waiting list and can re-sell your ticket, we will show goodwill and refund you with your consent.
Can I change the ticket holder's name? Yes, providing you let us know the new name, you can pass your ticket to somebody else if you're no longer able to attend.

What happens if the Government introduces restrictions which mean the cruise can not go ahead as intended? Let's hope not! But should this happen, we reserve the right to transfer you to an alternative cruise, one that is inline with the restrictions. If this is not suitable to you the customer, or feasible for us from an operational view, you will have the option to postpone and hold a credit for up to 6 months. Should neither option be suitable, we will accept refund requests but a 50% administrative charge will be withheld. 

What happens if I change my mind? If there are no restrictions in place which prevent us from running the cruise as intended but you have simply changed your mind, refunds will not be given, nor will you be able to postpone to another date. 

General info:

Masks. Transport for London (TFL) operate the Piers and as with public transport, they request that face masks are still worn when on the Pier. They are not required once onboard the boat. Should you wish to continue wearing a mask during the cruise, you may do so. Staff have been given the option to wear them if they so desire too. We ask that we all respect the preference of all onboard.

Lateral flow tests (LFT). Whilst we will not be enforcing it, we ask that everybody carries out a LFT within 24 hrs prior to attending the cruise. Naturally, if you're showing any symptoms or have a negative result, please give consideration to everyone onboard and DO NOT attend. See above for what happens if a ticket holder has to isolate and cannot attend the cruise?

Covid Vaccination certification (passports). As of 27/01/22 these are not required.

Peace of mind. A cruise on the Thames as an event venue offers many advantages. In line with the Government's recommendations, the boats are well ventilated with a good flow of fresh air as they meander along the river. They have large windows that open and have outside areas for passengers to utilise. They are smaller than many nightclubs or larger event spaces, meaning you can party with smaller crowds and they are easier to ensure cleanliness. The boats will be cleaned thoroughly before and after all cruises and hand sanitiser will be available. The staff are regularly tested via LFT and should we be informed of a positive case post event (either staff or passenger), we will be able to inform those that attended via contacting the lead booker. 

Whilst we are under no obligation to re-reimburse entire cancellations or re-reimburse those that can not attend, upon request we will give consideration on an individual basis.

Should you have any further questions, please contact us.

Previous postponements. For those that had to postpone their bookings before ALL restrictions were lifted, are able to contact us and re-book using their original credit. Just refer to your original booking date and lead name and our helpful crew will happily get you booked back in.

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