Due to offering a wide range of cruises and constantly adding new concepts, it's difficult for us to list every specific term and condition without it becoming very tedious for you, the customer, having to read through them all, many of which may not even be applicable to your specific cruise. Hence, we've compiled a summary of our terms and conditions along with highlighting key points which we feel cover most of our cruise or which we've drawn upon from the FAQs received over the years. To ensure you the customer are content, it is the customer's responsibility to ask our Sales team for the specific terms and conditions related to the package they are interested in, prior to making a booking. Upon booking with us, we the Company; Thames Boat Cruises & Events Limited shall deem that you are satisfied and accept the terms and conditions set out below.


No liability will attach to the Company (Thames Boat Cruises & Events Limited) in respect of any loss, damage or injury to the guest or for anything brought on to the vessel by any such person. All boats carry their own third party liability cover.

Few boats on the Thames offer seating for all guests on board. Unless otherwise specifically stated, all party packages on the Thames have a limited number of chairs and tables to ensure a good party atmosphere. There is no reserved seating.

The Company reserves the right to substitute another vessel (of a similar capacity) and, if necessary, for reasons beyond its control including Force Majeure (but not limited to) damage or destruction, strikes, lockouts, industrial unrest, acts of terrorism, police or special Intelligence recommendation, bad weather, insufficient bookings, shortage of labour or food or beverage supplies, economical and global markets, instruction and/or advice from government and regulatory organisations including risk to health,  to cancel the booking. The Company will not in such circumstances be liable for any expenses including transportation or accommodation costs incurred by the guests due to such substitution or cancellation. In the event of such an occurrence the Company will endeavour to notify all guests immediately and to find a replacement vessel or offer an alternative cruise and an alternative date but are not under any obligation to do so, nor to issue a refund.  
Should industrial action (such as rail strikes) prevent the customer from attending the cruise. The Company will not be liable for any costs incurred by the customer, as such action is out of our control. Unless we are prevented from operating the cruise, no refunds will be given.

Unless otherwise stated or agreed between the company and the customer, passengers are not permitted to bring on board their own food or drink.

Should the Crew and/or the Bar Staff not be content with any ID requested, they reserve the right to refuse alcohol to be served.  Likewise, the Captain/Crew reserve the right to refuse boarding, and will not be liable for any expenses incurred by the guest, should they deem any guests to be worse for wear caused by alcohol or drugs.

Unless otherwise stated or agreed, guests will only be allowed to board the vessel fifteen minutes prior to the Embarkation time. The vessel will leave promptly at the time stated and will not return for latecomers. If you miss the boat, no refunds will be given due to factors outside of the Company's control such as, but not limited to, public transport delays, heavy traffic, industrial action. Likewise, the Company cannot be held responsible for any delayed return to the Pier due to forces beyond the Captain's control.

We recommend that prior to making a booking, any customers who require disabled access check with the Company as to whether the cruise they wish to book is suitable to their mobility needs. Due to their layouts and build year, many boats do not have wheelchair access.

Guests must present a valid ticket or confirmation upon boarding. In the event of loss of tickets or last minute booking, upon notification, the Company can arrange for an alternative proof of booking method for boarding. Again, unless otherwise stated, the vessel will return fifteen minutes before the end of the scheduled cruise. At that time, all music and bar service will cease. During the cruise, the vessel will remain under complete control of the Captain and/or crew as provided by the Company. If for weather, tide or other reasons the Captain considers it necessary or is instructed to vary the scheduled trip, his decision will be final and no refunds will be given.

Unless otherwise stated, the dress code for the majority of our cruises is smart casual. The dinner cruises and some special events will require formal dress. The Company will do their best to notify the customer of the dress code when issuing the customer's confirmation/tickets. However, if the customer has any doubts as to whether they have understood the appropriate attire, the Company will happily advise upon request. Providing the Company has provided information regarding the expected dress code, should the customer choose to ignore this and is refused permission to board by the Captain or crew/staff, the Company will not be liable for any refund.

If the customer has any comments during the function the Captain or Function Manager will be happy to discuss these at the time. Any complaints must be notified to either the Captain and/or Function Manager at the time and then restated in writing to the Company no later than 3 days after the function. Failure to comply with this request will indemnify the Company from the payment of any compensation.


In order to confirm the booking, for the LONDON BOAT PARTY a £10 pp deposit based on estimated numbers is required. The balance payment is required no later than 1 week prior to the cruise date at which point, tickets/e-tickets will be issued. If final numbers notified are less than 20% of the original booking figure, the balance of the deposit will be deemed lost. Once full payment has been made, no refunds shall be given. Deposits are non-refundable. Further information re: refunds and cancellations can be found above in paragraph 3 of the General Terms and Conditions.

There is an over 18yrs policy in place. On occasion and at the Captain's discretion, children between 16 - 18yrs MAY be permitted providing they are supervised by an accompanying adult/parent.  As we use a variety of boats, all with different Licensing conditions, the Captain ultimately has final say.


The above mentioned general terms and conditions and.....

Although many of the above terms and conditions may apply to a particular special event offered by the Company, it is the customer's responsibility to check with the company, the specific terms applicable to that package. The company will not be responsible for any negligence by the customer.

The Mayor of London's New Year's Eve Fireworks event is organised by a third party and the display itself is outside of the Company's controls.  In the event of cancellation or postponement of the display, the Company is under no obligation to extend a refund of the ticket purchase price, nor be liable for any fees encountered for travel or accommodation.