The Queen’s passing - London Boat Party

R.I.P YOUR majesty

As of 09/09/22

Ahoy Shipmates

We are writing to those with upcoming cruises with us.
After the sad news of the Queen’s passing, you may be wondering if your scheduled cruise is still going ahead?

Having checked with the Port of London Authority (who are responsible for the river), TFL (who control the Piers) and many other boat Operators, the view is that we are to carry on with events as planned. Until there is lawful instruction to not operate, or changes to services such as public transport preventing people from attending, we will carry on as usual.

Whilst there is no instruction to prevent us from operating, any cancellation or postponement would mean that we are still liable for various external costs and subsequently, you are still bound by the terms and conditions of booking. Of course, should the directive change, we will update you, but in her Majesty’s own words, we "carry on".

That’s not to say we’re shying away from the obvious. We recognise it’s a sad and historical moment in time, one that brings a lot of reflection. She was a keen advocate for the river and there was a flotilla of reflections planned for her in just a few weeks, which with regret, she won’t be able to witness now.

With that in mind we shall be flying our flag at half-mast and should any events wish to have the DJ play the National Anthem or hold a minute’s silence to toast her Majesty’s service to the Nation, we will happily oblige. Please liaise with the us in advance or with the Captain/DJ on the night.

With respect.